Friday, April 24, 2009

My Music (revised)

You all know I love my music.
So, I've added a playlist to the bottom of the blog.
I've put it on "autostart" so that you don't have to manually start it.
Which could be annoying to some of you, because my music selection is fairly eclectic.
So vote to the right on your passion.

Okay, I couldn't get the stupid poll thing to work, so you'll just have to leave me rabid comments if you don't like my music.
So sad.

Ellen made a good point. So you other layabouts don't even have to comment, I've taken off the autostart. I've put the playlist at the top, as you can see, so that you can listen to my cool songs without having to scroll all the way down.

If you want to.


  1. Ix-nay on the auto start! Some of us surf occasoinally from work. :0

  2. Yay!! A much better solution. I love the songs you have, but didn't like having to scoll aaaaaaaallllll the way down to turn it off. Thanks, Sue! :)

  3. Thanks for the music. Good choices.