Monday, November 9, 2009

Say what?

Remember Ode Magazine? The magazine for intelligent optimists? Well, I quit getting their daily emails some time ago, due to their glorification of our present government and its policies. But they are still sending me the magazine, even though my free subscription ran out months ago. Optimistic of them, wouldn't you say? Anyway, I was perusing the latest edition and came across an article on the last page that fascinated me. Large rats are being trained to sniff out land mines, which are an enormous problem in many parts of the world. I LOVE this! Take an animal that most people hate, train it to help people, and both species benefit. Take a few minutes to watch the videos, you'll be glad you did. Plus, my hero Jane Goodall is featured.


  1. Stay tuned for our next episode, "Exploding Chimps."

  2. Jon, did you even watch the video? I watched YOUR long videos. The rats don't explode, they're too light to set off the bombs. They just point out the bombs and the bomb squads do the rest.

  3. But the chimps would definitely set them off.