Thursday, December 15, 2011

Gathering bits of happiness everywhere she goes

Gather the crumbs of happiness and they will make you a loaf of contentment.

The tree is up and decorated.
Jeff got tired of waiting and pulled out the Christmas boxes on Sunday evening.
Baby, it was cold outside, but we had a fire roaring in the wood stove and Johnny Mathis crooning Christmas songs on the stereo.

The tree is full of critters again.

And these lovelies.
Moravian stars.

I examined the tree closely and concluded that there could be more stars.

So some friends came over tonight. We ate two kinds of soup and homemade bread and shortbread. Then we were instructed again in the art of making them.
We folded and we cursed.
I tossed the first two attempts.

Third time's the charm, alright.

This little beauty is all of three centimetres across.

Dipped in hot wax and sprinkled with oodles of glitter, it is ready to be hung on the tree.

If you want to torture yourself, here are instructions.
They are free.
All it will cost you is some hair from your head and your placid disposition.
Better still, cozy up to someone who already knows how to make them, like I did.
Thank you Dorothy.
And thanks, Lori, for being the provider of materials. Always.
These little glittery stars make me happy.

I have discovered wall vinyl.
Well, not actually discovered.
It's been around for a while, but I am newly recruited.

My music room makes me happy.
My new vinyl quote makes me happy-to-the-power-of-three.
Now, I just need to find some more unused wall space.

Natalie came over a couple of weekends ago. She hasn't slept over as often as the older kids and was feeling neglected. We played Go Fish and read books and put together a new puzzle. 
I french-braided her hair after her evening bath and in the morning she looked like a princess. 

There is a poem, which I didn't know was by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow until I just looked it up. I used to tell people that it described Annie when she was little. It is also applicable to Miss Natalie.

There was a little girl
Who had a little curl
Right in the middle of her forehead.
When she was good
She was very good indeed
But when she was bad, she was horrid.

I actually used to misquote it horribly, but we'll blame that on my Mum, who taught it to me.
I think I shall have to use pink lettering more often.
It makes me happy.


  1. So nice to see all of the things that make you happy!

  2. 1. love the glitter star! so crafty.
    2. nice wall vinyl ;)
    3. i miss little natalie. give her a kiss for me!

  3. Something about your title and post brought to mind the phrase "and she shall bring music wherever she goes." I couldn't remember where that came from so I Googled it and it's actually "and she shall *have* music wherever she goes" and it's from a nursery rhyme that was included in a book I used to read the kids all the time, but I like "bring" and that's what you do, bringing music and bits of happiness. Fun post! Your tree is so pretty!

  4. Hey, I just realized "and she shall have music wherever she goes" might make for a good vinyl quote on the wall. ;)

  5. Kathy, I always loved the picture that "rings on her fingers and bells on her toes" brought to my mind when I read this nursery rhyme. And thanks.

  6. My mother often quoted that verse to me. I have no idea why.

    Major props on getting the tree up, and making twinkly stars. Everything looks great.

    Natalie always looks like a princess.

  7. My Grandma Mable used to bounce me on her knee while singing that nursery rhyme - I LOVED it.

    And I love the stars - is my mom the Dorothy that showed you how to make those? BEcause if so, I'll save myself the trouble of the instructions and have her teach me when she visits :-)

  8. Your tree looks beautiful; I love the stars. I also love the vinyl lettering on the wall by the piano.

  9. You asked about the glaze on the necklaces I made. It's called Diamond glaze and I got it at Michaels.