Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A slight diversion

Evenings are pretty quiet at the Love Shack at the beach, as New Zealand television (while it may have a few more channels than the one that it had when I was a resident) is still quite bereft of quality programming. 
In my opinion.
So, one night, we took turns showing our favourite YouTube videos to each other. 
John's tended towards classic rock concerts.
Mine leaned more to Kid History videos.
This one is classic. I laugh uproariously every time I watch it.
How many times have I watched it, you ask? Well, my smarty-pants reader, I have no idea, but I dare you to stop at just one!

The next night, we rented a pile of movies, half of which turned out to be duds or too profane to watch. Which adds fuel to my already-stated low opinion of the entertainment market. But I did find something at the movie store that might make my American readers feel a little better about the rising price of chocolate in our fair country:

Yes, that is 48 ounces.
Three pounds of Reece's Pieces for $34.95.
Next time I go I'll take a suitcase of them and maybe it will pay for the air fare.

And evenings may be quiet, but you get some of the best sunsets on earth.


  1. Love the video and the view! The Reece's pieces will have to wait, at that price!

  2. I'm getting all caught up and I have to say I LOVE YOUR BLOG. Thanks for the fun. Oh, and I ADORE the Kid History vids.