Sunday, March 9, 2014

A conflagration of cousins

Yes, I know it's not really a conflagration, but you should see these boys when they get together.
You would say "conflagration" too!

Daniel came to spend the night on Friday.
We introduced him to the pleasures of Merlin, which you can watch on Netflix.
He also requested that Thomy and Jeff come over to play the next morning.

I told the boys how lucky they are to have cousins who live so close by. I told them that I really only had one cousin that I knew when I was a girl, and we didn't get to see her very often, even though we loved her to pieces. And then, when we moved to New Zealand, we didn't see her again for years and years.

Things were pretty quiet when it was just the three of them. Legos reigned supreme for an hour or so, then it was on to Battleships and the labyrinth box. I told the boys that, when I was young, my friends had some Legos, only there weren't any special pieces, just blocks and things like windows and doors. 
"What, no weapons?"
"Nope, no weapons or figures or boats or trees or dragons."
Another proof of my extreme antiquity.

Then Josh arrived with his mom.
"Don't smile," I said.

Because, you know, that's the best way to get a good smile out of 'em.


  1. Cousin time is great. Cousin time at Grandmas is better yet!
    I have lots of Legos here waiting for some grandkids to play with. Most of them are the antique" variety you talked about.
    Cute kids!

  2. Don't give them any matches or you will see a conflagration somewhere.