Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter came and went....

...and all that's left are the Cadbury mini-eggs and Lindt bunnies that I nabbed from the post-holiday sales.
Oh, and the memories. Mustn't forget the memories!
I was busy in the kitchen most of the day, so photos are sporadic. Luckily, I thought to send Jenny outside with my camera during the hunt.

I found a lady who was making these minion crocheted egg covers for only $2 each, so I had her make up seven different ones. They were a bigger hit than I expected. I love it when the grandkids are thrilled with little things.

Kenzie spent the first half of the weekend helping me make peanut butter eggs to put inside them. They were awfully yummy, covered in dark chocolate and less sweet than the Reese's variety, which I can hardly eat any more. I even came up with a peanut/milk-free version for Josh, using tahini and chocolate soy butter.
I know, I'm perfectly brilliant. 

Bethany has taken over the responsibility for the egg hunt, and Jeff and Chris hid the eggs. Madelyn got to find some eggs before the general melee of the other six hitting the turf. I think she quite enjoyed it! 

She had missed her nap and was on the grumpy side, hence the binkie in the mouth.
Desperate times call for desperate measures!
Don't you love the looks of longing on the faces of the older kids?

Pardon the brown, dead grass. The lawn and I had a long conversation about its proliferation of dandelions and rogue grasses, and the lawn lost.

There commenced an overabundance of sugar inhalation.
Before dinner.
Stickiness and elation abounded.

It was better than Halloween. 

I had the ingenious idea of buying Costco rotisserie chickens for dinner, which worked out rather well. I bought them on Friday and they reheated wonderfully. Cheaper, easier, and more delicious than just about anything.

These are some bug-shaped gluten/dairy-free rolls I made for Josh and Bethany.
I'm getting the hang of this stuff.

Hope your Easter celebration was full of good memories.


  1. The minions are adorable, and so is that picture of Madelyn in the chair!

  2. How sweet! Wonderful series of photos.