Friday, July 18, 2014

Making like Tigger

I found a Groupon for a bounce house in Plano, but it was sold out. 
We went anyway.
I know. You are astounded at my lack of thriftiness.
It only cost $34 for the eight of us, and we had an absolute blast for two hours, so I figure it was a bargain at the price.

There were lots of great bouncy structures, but the big slide was the best of all and the only one where I could really get any photos.

Victoria loved it.

She tried to ascend the stairs on her own and got mad at me when I tried to help.

Everyone but Victoria in the hurricane simulator. It was most hilarious to watch and Annie said she was nicely cooled down by the end.

I hesitate to put this photo up for the world to see because I look like a big old whale, but it's proof that I did go down the big slide.
Many times, as it happens. 
Luke waited for me almost every time so that we could go down together. 

More splash pad for the four older kids when we got home, while I stayed with a napping Victoria.
It was a fun day and I smile every time I think of it.


  1. You don't look like a whale! You look like a fun, amazing Grandma!