Saturday, February 11, 2017

Nana Files the Thzzzzzzzzz

We were all worn out last night and the girls went to bed slightly early. I, however, have been riveted to The Storyteller, by Jodi Picoult. I have a love/hate relationship with the woman; she is such a good writer but I sometimes hate her topics and her endings often leave me traumatized. This book has me hanging on every word, even though I don't anticipate a satisfactory ending. Holocaust stories rarely have one. So after blogging and watching the latest NCIS episode, I read till midnight when I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer.  
Bad Nana! Pretty sure I dreamed about concentration camps all night for my sins. 
Seven o'clock rolls around at the same time every morning and so it did again this morning, and with it two little angels who came to bounce about on my bed and torment me until I cried "Uncle!" and dragged myself out of it.
We had a slow morning, due to me burying my head in the book every time it looked like things were clear for a few minutes. Sadly, the telly ruled. I redeemed myself by playing a "cooperative" game with London while Scarlet was napping. We lost to the board. Don't ask.
After Scarlet's nap and Nana's shower, we headed off in the car to a new playground. It is less than two miles away but there is absolutely no way to walk there while pulling a big wagon full of two little girls and their paraphernalia. Too many busy highways with no sidewalk. So we drove. 
The girls looked so cute this morning that I tried to snag a good shot of them when we got to the park, before they got disheveled. Like that ever works. This is as good as it got.

London likes to carry all of the snacks etc in her purse. 
She climbed up right away on this ....whatever it is....and had a great bouncy time. 

I put Scarlet in too, but she hasn't figured out yet how to stabilize herself against the rocking, so after a couple of good head bumps I let her run free.

London has no fear on slides and was trying her skills at climbing up them today. This one was too steep and she kept sliding backwards. 

I spent most of the time trying to remain a foot behind Scarlet as she climbed and ran and generally took my breath away as she trips lightly past all of the gaps in the play structure. It was a hot day and very windy, like yesterday. You can see how her dress was billowing out and her hair is all astray.

Yesterday, London was reluctant to go very high on the swing. Today, she wanted to go "way high." I told her she was so brave.

Scarlet just sits and enjoys the moment. No demands, no complaints, just happy to be there.

We took snacks. You know we did. Blueberries, bread, cheese crackers, and two of these.

I never shop at the airport on principle because of their ridiculous prices, but I stopped to look at the clearance table at the Made in Oregon store and found these caramels for 99 cents. Which I thought was an okay deal until I noticed the regular price. Seriously? $11.95 for eight caramels? Shirley they jest? So I bought two packets and every now and then the girls and I share one. Little tiny bites. London thinks they are manna from heaven. Scarlet offers no opinion but gets a slightly rapturous look on her face every time I pop a morsel in her mouth.

Pardon me for an unreasonable number of these poses, but how can I not? The child is edible.

Against London's protests, we stopped at Sprouts on the way home. Why don't we have these in Oregon? I seriously love this store. 

I bought clementines, mineral salt deodorant, organic chocolate bars, bulk dark chocolate-covered blueberries and cherries, and raw cashew nuts. Scarlet kept pulling things off the shelves in spite of being strapped into the cart (my baby entropy radar is underdeveloped) and London was never pushing or pulling the cart in the same direction as I was, but we managed to get out of the store without getting in trouble. London repeatedly told me she needed a sucker. At the checkout counter I noticed a little container of the beasts. I said, Look London, lollipops! Do you want one of these?
Those aren't lollipops Nana, they're SUCKERS!
Oh, okay. Pardon my childhood.
They were blissfully happy all the way home. For the whole five minutes. Note the glazed look in Scarlet's eyes.

London's friends were playing outside when we got home and she nagged me until I let her go out too. Scarlet was looking decidedly sleepy so she ate clementines and watched her tunes. London got slightly injured and came in for comfort, wanting her mommy.  When I reminded her that mommy and daddy are coming home in two days she said happily, And you're going home Nana! 
I decided to lay that one at the feet of the gods who overlook the insults of small children. 
A single chocolate-covered blueberry cured what ailed her and she soon ran outside again.

A snack of yogurt and clementines was just the thing before bed. 

Scarlet screamed like a banshee when I put her to bed. For about twenty seconds. I held off till 7:30 in the hopes that she sleeps an extra half hour in the morning. London fell asleep watching Octonauts and was highly insulted when I woke her up to put on pyjamas and get in bed, but was likewise out in seconds once she quit complaining. 
And now it's just me again, ignoring the dishes until tomorrow and anticipating collapsing in bed with the book. 
I may or may not have been talked into another trip to the park tomorrow. This time in the wagon. 
We shall see. 

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  1. I agree with you on Jodi Piccoult. I've stayed up too late many a time reading her books.
    Those kids are cuteness deluxe!