Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Happy Crazy Week

A certain Pirate lovingly berated me for being silent, so this is an appeasement for the people who read this blog because you love me.
If you come here for astounding recipes and fascinating opinion pieces, better come back next week.
If you already saw the one thousand-and-ninety-five photos I posted on facebook, likewise.

It has been a busy few days, but full of love and merriment.
Here are the two youngest babes, checking each other out. They weren't too impressed at first, but have become more interested as the days go by. They are both at the cooing and gurgling stage and are prime targets for motherese. 

Gabriel is a sweet soul. He is a wiggly baby, in contrast to Madelyn, who is very calm. 

Elsie mostly ignores me. I followed her around the garden one morning, trying to get a decent photo, and I didn't manage to get one picture of her looking at me and smiling.
The girl has attitude!

Here she is, trying on new clothes and finding unusual places to park her cute bottom.

Much food was consumed.

Much laughter was heard.

Dolly Parton dropped in for a visit.
Inside joke.

Some of us got to take naps.
And I don't mean Nana.

Charlie and Sam were here for less than three days and were continually surrounded by an entourage of adoring nieces and nephews.

On Monday, we watched soccer games. 
Josh was obviously excited by something.

Daniel got an impressive trophy and a cupcake.

Elsie got a cupcake.
She ate the frosting as Kenzie hovered over her. 
Elsie loves Kenzie more than she loves me.
Which is okay. 

Annie and Edwin are still here and the action continues, so now I'm going to bed to stock up on energy for tomorrow and try to think of a cunning plan to engage Elsie's affection.


  1. That Pirate! She hasn't had a whole lot to say lately either, :)
    Glad you are having fun with your beautiful family. Those babies are adorable!

  2. Mari! I blog every two days! I don't think you can see me anymore. *sob*

    Hobbit! At last! Call you forth I did, and now we can all rejoice. As for Elsie, that's how Melanie treats me. It's a trial. I have no solution. You just have to wait for the sun to come out. Have your camera at the ready! Sleep with it in your hand, one eye open. All I'm saying.