Saturday, April 28, 2012

Well, maybe I won't miss Picnik too much after all

My neighbour has a dogwood tree that I covet.
Wouldn't you covet these deep pink blossoms if you had to look at them every time you went out your front door?

I'm trying out LunaPic, needing a new photo editor after the sad demise of Piknik.
What do you think? I haven't explored the subtleties of the programme yet, but I like these basic effects.

Colour bars
Christmas bulb
Photo spread
Lego Style
3D Cube
Colour pencil sketch

Tilt tile
Transitions animation. For some reason, it won't post as an extra-large picture, but I'm just impressed that I could post it at all!

There are lots of others, especially animations, which I hardly got into at all. This was what I did while having half-an-eye on New Tricks on PBS tonight. Don't ask me what the story was about!
I have high hopes for LunaPic.

In other news, everyone has gone home and Jeff and I are alone again.
Elsie never did warm up to me, but I suspect it was because her Mama was always in sight.
That's okay. I have a very strong sense of delayed gratification and I shall win this battle eventually.
Happy Sabbath to you all.
May you be surrounded by those who love you.


  1. Very cool! I'll have to check it out. Have you tried Picmonkey? It's similar to Picnik and I like it too.
    You're right about Elsie - the time is coming!

  2. WOW! I need to try out some of those!

  3. Dogwood trees are my absolute favorite tress! We planted one in the backyard of our first house thinking we would be there forever. I would really like to plant another in our new backyard. Great picture play, by the way:)