Thursday, July 12, 2012


Meet Wrangler, my new grand-dog. 
He belongs to Charlie and Sam and he comes to romp on our lawn occasionally.
Sunday evening was one of those times.
He is a beauty, a weimaraner with a soulful stare and an appetite for Greek yogurt.

The local kids were all here and we ate several varieties of grilled pizza. 
It is the only way to cook pizza on a hot, summer's evening. 
The sky was all kinds of gorgeous.

Natalie and Jenny were bonding on the back lawn. 
Natalie whispers in Jenny's ear.

Wrangler loves to nap on Daddy's lap.

Silly old Nana woke him up with the camera flash.
Honestly, can't a dog take a nap in peace around here?

When I downloaded pictures to my computer, somebody had taken a few extras.

I love having our family together. 
It is rarely perfect, but it is heavenly.
In its own strange way.


  1. Wrangler is so cute! My sister and family have had 2 Wiemers, so we are partial too them. I love their coloring.

  2. That first picture needs a caption! Cute dog.

  3. Ooooh, lovely sky pics! And I need me a hug 'n smooch session with Wrangler. What a beauty.