Saturday, May 26, 2012

A rose by any other name

Why, oh why, do I end up on a weeding binge every Saturday evening, when I know it will hurt even worse tomorrow than it does tonight?
My fellow church-goers will think that I habitually hobble!
But I did find some serendipitous surprises as I made my way around the garden. These roses clamber towards the sky against the back fence. They have a sweet old-fashioned appearance and a subtle aroma.

We have a snowball bush in the side yard and during the storm yesterday it snowed blossoms all over the ground beneath.

Well, the garden has a few less weeds than it did this afternoon and, after the rain this week, my veggie garden is full of small seedlings and shows great promise for harvest-time. 

Speaking of roses, here are a couple more for your pleasure. These lovely red, almost thorn-less roses were planted in the flowerbeds at church after it was renovated a couple of years ago. 

And here is the sweetest flower of all, getting some Mommy time after that mommy finished her first 5K this morning.

Happy Sunday, lovely readers.


  1. Your roses are just gorgeous! Neat picture of the fallen snowball petals too. Ours looked the same yesterday, but my picture of the ground below didn't turn out near as good.
    Yes - that last flower is definitely the cutest!

  2. I can't believe you are smart enough to grow roses! I have one white one, by accident, in the front yard. I marvel at it. Tomorrow I am headed over to a formal rose garden in Columbia, to interview the person whose pet project the rose garden was (it's part of a cemetery) and the ladies who care for the roses. I hope to learn something.