Friday, December 7, 2012

Day 21: I am an Amazon fan

Try saying that five times fast.

I have become, of late, an online shopper.
Specifically, an Amazon shopper.
I can find everything I need, at a better price, and I don't have to drive around in the weather and traffic. 
Tonight, thanks to my favourite frugal website, I found this Richard Scarry game and a set of books, which was just what I needed to finish up my Christmas shopping for a couple of precious grandchildren.
Total cost: $0.00.
I paid for them with my Discover Card Cashback Bonus.
And shipping was free.

But if I hadn't spent over $25, it would have been free anyway, because of my free month of Amazon Prime that came with the Kindle Fire that I bought on a lightning deal a couple of weeks ago.

And that Kindle is already filled with free books that I found on that same frugal website.

And my house is full of smoke detectors that came in a contractor's six-pack.

And my minimalist shoes (most of which came from my favourite shoe website,  are all fitted with Pedag metatarsal pads that I bought by the dozen on Amazon for much less than my podiatrist charged.

And the Lego man flashlights that we gave the grandkids for Christmas last year (bought on Amazon, of course) are replenished with lithium batteries that cost mere pennies compared to the local stores.

And Bethany and I will both be drying foods all season next year, thanks to a sale on Nesco dehydrators.

And you know those lovely Silpat baking mats that cost a fortune from Demarle? Found some Made in American ones for $5 a piece that will make some nice gifts for my Kiwi friends.

So yes, you might say that I am thankful for Amazon these days.
You can call me the Amazon Queen.
Or Queen of the Amazon.

Have you made any grand purchases on Amazon lately?
Or do you have any favourite websites that you would like to share with the rest of us?


  1. I love Amazon! I got a Kindle Fire from them too and paid nothing for it, thanks to Swagbucks. I've also purchased several gifts there - again with Swagbucks. Love it!

  2. The title "Queen of the Amazon" need a visual. I'm thinking something photoshopped.... Oh, and yeah, Amazon rocks!

  3. I LOVE - do a LOT of shopping there. Sooooo - who installed your firedectors? If they're not done I think you should have a ladies only fire-detector installing party & invite those firemen back!

    1. I think you are right. There is still one that Jeff couldn't handle and we were going to have Jerry do it, but a passle of firemen would be infinitely more fun!

    2. I would drive up for that:)

  4. Love me some Amazon! Just made another purchase a few hours ago. So convenient, it's sickening. BUT I must say, the Pillow Pets Dream Lites Rainbow Unicorn about which I blogged today ($29.99 at Best Buy) is over $39 on Amazon. Now that's ridiculous! I also like Barnes & Noble dot com, free shipping to my house because I'm a member. And I'm wild about zulily dot com!