Sunday, November 9, 2014

Life's a beach

London came to visit for the last two weeks of September.
Oh yes. She brought her mom and dad with her.
The day after they arrived, we all went to the beach. 
Papa enjoyed entertaining two of his three favourite baby girls. And they seem to enjoy him, for some reason.

These girls love to spend time with each other, from the thirteen-year-old down to the one-year-olds.

Aunty Jenny and London are mutual fans.

And the boys are always thrilled to spend time with their Uncle Charlie.
I think there was an apparitional Natalie hanging around as well.

A raccoon decided to pay us a visit and we all had fun watching him from the back decks. He was not at all cautious and rather large.
Personally, I find raccoons to be rather scary.

It was a beautiful afternoon so we all traipsed down to the beach.
Sam and London chased seagulls.

The older kids chased waves. That's about all you can do in the chilly Oregon surf.

London and Madelyn played together in the sand for the longest time. We all dote on these wee girls, they are so stinking cute. And the two of them together are cute to the nth degree.

Thomy got buried in the sand somehow.

I love pictures of cousins having fun together. 
It is one of my main goals in life.

When everyone was as wet and sandy as possible, we went back to the house and ate dinner.

After dinner, we stood on the balcony...

...and watched this.

And then the men and older kids went home. The poor souls had to go to work and school the next day. The moms and the little kids stayed overnight and went shopping at the outlet mall the next day, because we're all about that.

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  1. You have such cute grandkids! I agree - seeing them have fun together is the best. Plus - it's all about making memories!
    Beautiful sunset too!