Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Nothing to do around here but take pictures of the cute one

Mornings are frosty and sunny here.
Elsie loves her morning walk.
Annie thought I made the hat.
I didn't.
Anyone want to confess?
Playing Mommy's honky-tonk piano with one's cute baby feet is illegal, but mommy was gone, so who cares?
Elsie's favourite sunbeam.
And favourite corner.
Sweet baby kisses for Daddy.
I take Elsie for a walk every day. The scenery is not very scenic, but one of the roads dead-ends into an area of mown...well, I'd like to say grass, but what passes for grass around here just isn't. But there are some trees around the patch of...grass...and it was the best place I could think of for some pictures. My friend The Pirate did a blog post with some good non-technical advice the other day, so I thought I would test it out. I took a couple of hundred pictures. Not quite a thousand, but it was enough that I got some cute ones. I tried to work with the light, as the sun was getting low in the sky. The photos are only lightly edited, some not at all.

So, that's what I do all day.
Livin' up to my name.
Hope you're all having fun too!


  1. oh. my. gosh. i love her to pieces!! i LOVE her earrings, too! and her hair! don't get me started on her adorable hair. auntie sam misses her :(

  2. She is so cute! You did good - nice shots!

  3. She is adorable! How is it possible she is that big already? Seems like she was just a baby not too long ago. Great pics, Sue:)

  4. Look at all those cute pictures! You must like her...

  5. Well before I even read the part of the post where you referenced my post, I sensed a difference in the way you were approaching your shots. Of course, your subject is PERFECT and you love her more than your own life, so that shines through. But I love your capturing of light, your angles, and the way you blurred some edges. I just posted an identical shot of Allissa holding my hand, looking up at me. You have outdone yourself here and Elsie is beyond miraculous. Her eyes may be the eighth wonder of the world. I am so glad you had these sunny days with her!!! God bless and please make it home safely!

  6. The last two pictures are my favorites.