Monday, September 7, 2009

Pink Martini

On Saturday night, Jeff and I went to a concert at the Oregon Zoo.
It was one of those concerts where you have to carry in your own seat, not knowing if it's going to rain, so you also carry your umbrella and raingear.
Where you have to arrive two hours early to make sure that you get a parking space and a place in which to park your chair.
You know those kinds of concerts?
I think I'm getting too old for them!
But Pink Martini was playing and the tickets were less than $20 each.
So we braved it.
We sat through an hour of the Oregon Army Band, which was okay, especially the part where everyone claps and cheers (especially me) for the branches of the armed services as they play the anthems.
Then an hour of an excruciatingly corny show called "Oregon, Oregon!"
Which made you almost ashamed to call yourself an Oregonian.
(If you were so lucky as to be able to do such a thing)
And then the show that we had waited for for four hours.
Pink Martini.
The incomparable China Forbes.
Whose voice can soothe, thrill, or amuse you.
Whose voice is sometimes like honey, smooth and dulcet, but at the top of her range is reminiscent of Sarah Brightman, clear and pure and totally controlled. She lilts, croons, and sometimes shrieks, with a voice so big it commands every bit of your attention.
These videos are a few years old. China is now a little larger than she used to be. In my opinion, her voice is also better.

Here are a couple of tunes for your enjoyment.
Turn the volume WAY up!

And my personal favourite, which now resides at the top of my playlist...

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