Thursday, February 25, 2010

What Nana Did Today

Walked the hills with Brenda.
Came home and admired the star magnolia.
In a few days it will be rain-bedraggled but still smelling sweetly.

Sat tiredly waiting for the Yamaha Clavinova 409 to be delivered.

Plunked out a few chords and admired its shiny newness for a few moments before heading off to the church for a humanitarian project.
Quilts to be tied for Haiti...

...and cute little girl dresses made out of t-shirts and a gathered skirt.

Drove to McMinnville to spend time with grandchildren.
Chris is out of town and Bethany had a hard day yesterday.
Sat with the boys while Bethany took Kenzie to dance and Natalie napped.
Josh and I watched Daniel play Wii.
I love this boy, can you tell?

Brought Kenzie and Daniel home for a sleepover.

Watched a Preparedness Pro Webinar with Karen and Hope.
We yakked more than we watched, but we learned a few things.

Papa had half a root canal this morning and wasn't feeling too good, so he went to bed and the rest of us played, I swear, the World's Longest Game of Skip-Bo. Seriously. It lasted for TWO HOURS!
Memo to self: next time, don't deal the suggested 30 cards per person.

Daniel doing Lip-face.

Time for bed.
The Osborne tradition of hot chocolate and Keebler graham crackers.
We dunk them.
Kenzie told me tonight that she remembers the first time I taught them how to dunk graham crackers in hot chocolate. I told them it would be yummy and they believed me.


  1. I wish my posts were as fun as yours. I do love magnoliaceae; they are some of my favorite trees.

  2. Jon, you are such a good writer, your potential as a blogger is enormous. Just carry a camera and see the possibilities in your daily doings. With those two boys of yours, you should have lots of fodder for good posts. The cool insect stories are good too, just don't use such big words and tell all the whacky, interesting stuff all us lay folks can appreciate instead.

  3. Love the T-shirt dress!!! Great idea

  4. Great post! I love that flowering tree pic! So beautiful! Maybe I can come play "Mary Had a Little Lamb" on the new piano. And maybe when the kids are done with their piano lessons, someday, I can take some. :)

  5. What a great window into your days. The pictures of the ward service project made me homesick!
    Your grandkids are so lucky to have you close by!

  6. Hi Sue,
    Thanks for stopping at my photo blog. I loved the view into your day. Looks like your church has quite a few sewing projects going!
    Your grandkids are so cute and it's great that you get to spend time with them!
    I also enjoyed the hedgehog post below. My husbands nephew had one for a pet when he was young. Eating the babies? Eauuwww!

  7. I wish I had nothing better to do than carry a camera and tell stories about my boys. I tend to prioritize more serious and essential matters. I need a vacation.

  8. Another note: if we are sending quilts to Haiti, maybe someone should send weapons and ammo to the people of Chile so they can defend themselves against looters.