Wednesday, August 17, 2011

How does your garden grow?

I didn't plant any potatoes this year.
So, small as it is, this crop is an unexpected bonus.

It made a lovely pot of smashed potatoes for dinner tonight.

In other, not-so-good news, I wish these would turn at least a light shade of pink.

Have you ever wondered what an asparagus forest looks like?
Wonder no more!

These are the seeds. You have to let the asparagus grow all season long so that it puts nutrients down to the roots. 
I had no idea that it would take over the garden bed like this!

Next year will be the third year for the asparagus, so I'm hoping for great things. Three is supposed to be the charm. Hopefully that will also be the year that both kiwi vines have flowers and produce some fruit.

Patience, patience, patience.

This gardening business is an exercise in delayed gratification.


  1. Oh sorry ... I left "smashed potatoes sounds good" on the wrong post.

    Smashed potatoes sounds good.

    Also I never knew there was such a thing as an asparagus forest.

  2. I do find that some produce takes a long time to produce:) It is definitely a challenge for those of us who are less patient. I do love how things grow when you haven't planted them though. We have a tomatillo plant growing in our garden and we have never had on in our garden. Must have hitched a ride in on another plant.

  3. I actually picked two red tomatoes today. Miracle! this has been a rough year for produce...
    I'm excited you got potatoes YUM!