Friday, August 5, 2011

Sucked in and blown out in bubbles

Friend Lindsay posted a little quiz today.
I was determined to ignore it, but it preyed on my mind and if you read her comments section you will see how I was sucked into it.
It was against my will.
Then she challenged her readers to make a quiz so that she could play.
And I swore I wouldn't.
But of course, I did.
Couldn't help myself, even though I'm quite pitiful at word games.
Except for crosswords and anagrams.
I'm awesome at those.

So here goes.
Lindsay, this is for you.
And the rest of ya.

Cryptic classic book or story titles, in case you were wondering.

  1. Pragmatism plus perceptiveness. (I know, too easy, right? But I couldn't resist the alliteration.)
  2. An obscure little village.
  3. A very red painting.
  4. "His Royal highness came back!"
  5. High Hopes.
  6. Pepper grinder sitting on some embroidery thread.
  7. "Well, let's say they weren't my finest years."
  8. Sad, sad, establishment
  9. Lefty loosey, righty tighty.
  10. Sugar or cream? Your choice.
  11. Angry Fruit.
  12. Fertile Ground.
There it is.

Your turn.


  1. So far I've got Pride and Prejudice, Great Expectations and The Grapes of Wrath. I'll check in later when I have more! (Can I get anything done with this on my mind???)

  2. Wait. Is that "Return of the King"?

  3. 1 - Sense and Sensibility

    5 - Great Expectations

    6 - The Mill on the Floss

    8 - Bleak House ???

    11 - The Grapes of Wrath

    12 - The Good Earth

    LOL this shouldn't be so hard ...

  4. Pretty good for a Pirate. Maybe I should have specified that there are some plays in there too.

  5. Noooo. Smaller than a town. You'll kick yourself on this one!

  6. Wow! You all make me feel stupid and unread. How do you remember all of these quotes? I have read some of these books your readers have commented on but I don't recall any specific lines. Karen says you are a bunch of show offs. Good-naturedly, of course:)

  7. They're not quotes, Nicole, but cryptic clues to the titles of the books, plays, whatever. Think of different ways to say the clues. I as hopeless at remembering quotes too. And Karen forgot to pick up her buckets, so she better keep her mouth shut.

  8. AS YOU LIKE IT!!!! (#10, right???!!)

  9. HAMLET!!! (Mike helped me with that. I didn't know it was more than a proper noun!)

  10. Mike thinks #7 is Memoirs of a Geisha. haha...