Saturday, September 24, 2011

Incidental images from the London archives

These photos were all taken on Tuesday.

This line of phone boxes is in Westminster. I think they are just there for tourists to use in their photos, because no one ever uses them to make phone calls! Note the line of double-deckers on the right, balancing nicely with the red booths on the left.

I cannot comment on this. This is a g-rated blog.
The Churchill War Rooms are enthralling. You get a small taste of what it must have been like to live underground in these halls and be so intimately involved with Churchill and his War Cabinet.
An actual chart that details the number of casualties from doodlebug bombs that were dropped by the Germans. My Mum hated these bombs.

I could easily subscribe to this way of thinking!
The squirrels at St. James Park are very friendly, especially when your husband fools them into thinking that pocket fuzz is food.
At first, we thought that this was Nelson's Column.
But when we got to Trafalgar Square, we realized we had been mistaken.
Trafalgar Square was a different animal than I remember.
No pigeons.
We were walking past this policeman and I said, jokingly, Smile!
And he did.

Walking around St. James Park. 
Poor wee thing. What's a squirrel without a big, bushy, tail? 
Buckingham Palace. Can't go to London without seeing it. But no, we did not pay the entrance fee.
Over 10,000 of these CCTV cameras are all over London, although they are of dubious efficacy in the solving of crime.
I just like this one.
At the end of the day, we went to see Faustus at the Globe Theatre. This was our seat, in the highest gallery.
Looking down on the student crush.
A small medieval band sat on the top level. I loved the layer of interest that it added to the plot of the play. They played sound effects as well as music for the several times that the cast broke out into a song and dance. 
The theatre was packed, but you could have heard a pin drop. The audience was spellbound for the entire length of the play. I even forgot how uncomfortable my seat was.
After the play, we walked over the Millennium Bridge to the railway station. It was raining a fine mist that turned into a steady drizzle by the time we reached East Finchley, but it was a perfect day.


  1. I'm loving your pictures! Those phone boxes are such a nice splash of red. Glad you are having such a good time!

  2. I love the bright splash of red in the phone booth and bus pictures. No comment on the hump picture...

  3. Ooooohh!! I'm loving the pictures --- keep 'em coming!!! Glad you're enjoying your time there!