Friday, February 7, 2014


I love the grandchildren at whatever age they are today, but I sometimes get nostalgic for the days when the older ones were younger and still thought that a walk around the block with Nana was exciting.

I found these photos on a blog draft that, for some reason, I never finished. 
The hat and coat are from my emergency outerwear stash, so it must have been chilly.

Back in the days when video games were not the entertainment of choice.

I love this little imp.


  1. Aww - he's awfully cute and he has a great impish smile!

  2. I miss those days too. Sometimes I really miss the days when it was just me, McKenzie, and Daniel. They were pretty simple days.

  3. Well what's not to love. The grandgirls got razor scooters for Christmas. In the latest pic Stephanie sent of Baby Andrew, he was playing with a 32-gig iPad. I'm not sure if he's a nerdgeek in the making or not.