Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Useless fact of the day

What do you call a group of finches?
Answer: A charm.
Here is our charm of goldfinches.

So what do you call a group of Valentines Lindor milk chocolate truffles with white chocolate filling? Bought at Bi-Mart this afternoon for $2 a bag. Which wasn't as good as the $1 a bag Halloween truffles, but neither was I tempted to buy 25 bags, either.

Feel free to leave suggestions in the "Comments" section.
Maybe the clever winner, chosen by me, will win a bag.
If they're not all eaten by then.


  1. I don't NEED those, but I would really like some. Maybe not a whole bag though!

  2. I'd call this 5 pounds that I don't need! What happened to you telling Jeff not to get you chocolates because you had a room full?? LOL!

  3. JUST BECAUSE I have a roomful doesn't mean that I can pass up quality chocolate at a bargain price. How d'you think I got the roomful in the first place?

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