Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Little Boys

Four little boys and Natalie spent St. Patrick's Day at Nana's house.
The boys are learning the art of "hanging out" together.

It's fun to see them getting along.
It took a while for them all to jell, but it's finally happening.

Joshua spent some time engaged in the solitary pursuit of putting puzzles together.

For two-and-a-half, I think he has a mighty talent for puzzles.

Some Josh-isms of the day:

"Nana, I need pork with my 'ot dogs."
Thinks I, "They're beef, why do you need pork?"
Oh. Fork.

Me: "What's on your shirt, Josh?"
Josh: "A dolpin and a turtle."

"I want some poot snacks."

I think he's having a wee bit of trouble with his "f's"!


  1. I'm glad you like the Dragon. I haven't been visiting/blogging much lately as you've probably figured out by now. But you will in time gather more followers. When I started blogging I had my daughter in Illinois setting me up in different groups. You meet people real fast that way. My friend in Tennessee also got me to go on Facebook. So you see with Facebook, Gretchen's blog, and then mine, I can barely keep up. But I love blogging. So I stick with it, even on days when I want to hit the delete button and forget the whole thing. The key is to introduce yourself to strangers and find some groups…but there's a wicked clause to gathering readers…you have to visit them and leave comments, too. Sometimes that is very time consuming and hard to keep up with. Go up to my site and sign up as a follower. Sometimes others see who you are and will come visit. Lately I haven't visited my internet friends much and my readership is way down.

    I love you're little g-boys. I can just imagine the fun you must be having when they are all over at once. I miss my, now grown up, grandchildren. They are all in the Midwest.

    I've been reading backwards from this post and I'm not going to comment on all the post I missed, but I love the poem with the Daffodils, and thanks again for sharing them with me today. Next purple petunias they are my favorite flower.

    LOL on the mouse in the house episodes. You should be a writer as well as a musician. Your anecdotes are adorable.

    Thanks again for taking me around town today, too. You're a good friend and I really appreciate all you do for me.

  2. I like that first picture. It reminds me of how Jon and Charlie and their friends used to huddle around the computer watching each other play. Must be a boy thing.
    My favorite Josh-ism
    Talking to Natalie, "Go Nad!" Haha! Some day he will realize how funny that is.

  3. Thanks Dorothy. I'm no good at fiction, but I enjoy writing about my life. I'm writing this blog for my friends and family, so I'm not so much worried about getting readers as wishing that those who read it would add a comment once in a while so that I can tell if my efforts are worth it. Bethany is my most faithful commenter; she gives good input.