Monday, March 30, 2009

Somehow, a dreary day

And I don't mean the weather.
I felt a little "off" all day.
No particular reason.
Drove to facilitate a music therapy session and didn't want to go.
Wished I had called and cancelled.
Pulled out my guitar when I got there and discovered I had forgotten to put the strap back on it after a friend borrowed it this weekend.
Do you know how IMPOSSIBLE it is to walk around while playing a guitar with no strap?
Well it is!
I managed to jimmy a strap out of some ribbon and the session was great.
Music and human interaction energized me.
By the time I got home I was tired and sad-sacking it again.
Five piano lessons wore me out.
Dinner was frozen french fries and fish sticks.
I was gloomy.

Maybe it was too much weekend.

Jeff and I went car shopping on Saturday.
We were strong and did NOT come home with a new car.
We drove some very nice Mustangs.
I liked them surprisingly well.
We found a couple of cars that seem to be good possibilities.
Not Mustangs, sorry Bethany.
Time and our mechanic (Bruce, did I mention him already?) will tell.

Saturday night we went to a church talent show of sorts.
We sang some Everly Brothers songs with our friend Ron.
Maybe I will post pictures later.

Yesterday was Jeff's birthday.
All the family came over.
Nine adults and six kids.

We ate pulled pork with homemade hoagie buns.
And a dark chocolate-cherry cake with whipped cream filling and ganache icing.
Oh my.
After which, all six kids ran back and forth through the house like screaming banshees.
This was one of the four days a years that I wish I had a bigger house.

My Mum is visiting from New Zealand for three months.
Here she is shooting Jon's paintball gun last night.

And in a quieter moment, reading to Natalie.

Day off tomorrow.

Maybe I'll take a nap.


  1. LOVE the picture of your mom with Natalie -- priceless!

  2. Late Happy Birthday to Jeff. Say hello to your mum for me. She's looking good.