Monday, January 25, 2010

Blue skies and wet feet

On Saturday, we took a long walk. It was a rare day at the coast, sunny with almost no wind. Here are some random photos from our walk.

We decided to brave the tide pools. It's always a bit dodgy, Jeff with his bum knee and me with no balance. The rocks were slick with seaweed, but we were doing okay until a sneaker wave caught us out pretty far and drenched our lower legs. I thought Jeff might get washed off his rock, but he kept his footing. Too bad I missed the moment, it would have been a good photo.

People still collect agates, although they are few and far between these days. Agates, not people.

These boys were having a grand time, building moats and throwing sand all over each other.

If you want to see a collage of all the photos I took on our walk, go here.

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