Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The War

The Great War, they called World War I, The War to End All Wars.
Well, now we know better; we have our own war, on several fronts.
I really think it is important to be informed on this War on Terror, wherever it takes us.
Even though it would be easier to ignore it.
Even though Obama has outlawed the phrase.
(I wonder what he wants to call it?
And does calling it something different change what it is?)

This is why I obsessively read Michael Yon's epistles from the front:
My baby boy (ornery though he is) will likely be in Afghanistan before the year is up.

I don't normally promote R-rated movies, but if you have a mind, check out this Brothers at War trailer.
I think it might be worth braving the language to gain some understanding of the situation in which our military men and women find themselves.
If you look at the website, be sure to look at the Share Your Story section.

Here, here, and here are some good stories on Gary Sinise, who is one the the few members of Hollywood to do something positive for both the military in the Middle East and also the people.
Go Gary!

I don't think I'm done with this topic.

Do you ever wonder what you can do to help?

More to come on that.

Sorry, no funnies today.

Oh, okay, if you insist.
How about this?

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  1. Oh, LOL on the postal cartoon. Great day for old ladies.