Friday, July 24, 2009

The family that blogs together.....

Have you noticed the new blogs on my side bar?
The Good Life is Annie's blog.
Entomophilia is Jon's.
Which may need a name change.
He said he made up the word.
It means "love of bugs."
Unfortunately, some other people thought of it first.
In a not so nice way.
I don't recommend googling "entomophilia."
But check out their blogs.
Prepare to be entertained and informed.
Ignore my son's comments on my blog grammar.
Jon, this is for you.
the ellipsis is actually a rather subtle device.
So there!

Jon, amused.

Jon, contemplative.


  1. I might just have to get that picture off my cellphone. And, suttle devices are no longer suttle when overused.

  2. How do you put blogs on your sidebar? How do you put anything on your sidebar?

  3. Go to layout and click on "add a gadget." Look down the list for different things you can add. Blog list is one of them.