Monday, March 15, 2010

What the mouse does

Jeff is gone.
Early this morning, to Wisconsin or some other cold, forsaken place.
Until so late on Thursday that it might as well be Friday.
I am sitting contemplating...
no cooking,
no early morning alarm,
no health-care updates,
no work woe updates,
no lunches to pack,
no snoring on the other side of the bed,
no ever-growing pile of black socks on the bedroom floor.

Just me and the leftovers in the fridge.
Book club on Tuesday night.
Dinner with the girls and Alice in Wonderland at the Cameo on Wednesday night.
Little grandsons over to play tonight.


Solitude is a precious thing when it's a choice.
Not so much when it is imposed.
Variety, once again, is the spice of my life.

Then, on Friday, back to...
comforting shoulder rubs,
goodbye kisses on my sleepy face in the mornings,
a hand on my back as I fall asleep,
friendly pats on my bottom as we pass in the hallway.

Was that too much info for my kids?


  1. Don't worry mom, dad isn't very discrete about the pats...

  2. Actually it made me laugh. Because I have three boys who pat my bottom, sometimes it's not so friendly though.

  3. I don't know about your kids, but MY sensitivities are blushing.

  4. Really Brenda? Apparently, it doesn't bother my kids at all!

  5. No, not really. It's very sweet.

  6. Oh whew, you had me worried there for a minute. You forgot the little smiley face!