Thursday, October 21, 2010

Enigmatic sunset

I took these photos within a couple of minutes at Bethany's house last week. The sky didn't change its appearance during that narrow time frame as much as the photos would suggest. Some of the difference is due to the direction in which I was pointing the camera, but that certainly doesn't account for all of it. I suspect it also depends on whether I was focusing on the sky or the ground. I love to take photos, but I wish I was more motivated to sit down and really understand the mechanics of the process.
These are completely unedited, except for cropping.


  1. What a nice view! You ought to make a calendar (or something) with all your pretty sunset pictures...

  2. Very beautiful, Hobbit! I love gazing at sunsets and attempting to capture them. They're sort of like fairies ... they change so quickly and it's not all that easy to get them into the camera. You did a great job. Gorgeous color. God be praised.

  3. Well, I consider that to be high praise from both of you, considering the source. Thank you.