Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Just wondering

Some things I have been puzzling over lately:

Since when was a 16 ounce bag of Hershey's chocolate considered to be "jumbo size"? Unless it describes me after I've finished consuming the whole bag.

What is with the use of the adjective "warm" in a business setting? Several colleagues have started signing off on their emails with "warmly, so-and-so". And today, Skype warmly welcomed me to their service in an email. Is it supposed to make me automatically trust them? What kind of person describes herself as "warm" anyway? The word "menopausal" springs to mind, but most of my readership probably won't appreciate that connotation!

Does anyone actually watch Survivor any more?

Why would the administrator of a retirement home insist that my first music therapy session be a freebie "demo" and then not bother to observe even a minute of it? Yes, this actually happened to me last week.

How did Jeff and I create such manly sons?
And how could they even think of eating that cute little squirrel on their rugged camping trip last night?


  1. I want to state, for the record, that I have never watched Survivor...even though it's in it's eleventy-billionth season.

    And your sons are manly because you guys rock!

  2. 1) Definitely not jumbo size!
    2) I don't know, I think warm=friendly. Works for me.
    3) Never watched Survivor. Love Amazing Race though. And American Idol. And So You Think You Can Dance. So I guess I'm glad Survivor started the whole reality craze.
    4) Lame!
    5) Awesome picture!
    6) I hope they just thought of it and didn't actually do it, although I guess that's a good survival skill and very manly, right?

  3. Kathy, they actually did it. I told Charlie he'll probably get rabies now.

    Thanks Ellen!

  4. Well you never know about service trained people do you? They have to survive on some wierd stuff they call MREs. Mebbe squirrel sounded more appetizing?! As for you and Jeff, isn't that a classified secret? Congratulations on your manly sons, I only got one and he's in Khost right now. Another thought, perhaps Charlie's fiancee won't cook squirrel? hehe

  5. Those handsome hunks of American manhood ATE a little bitty squirrel?

    Was it still warm?


  6. It was warm after we cooked it. Charlie almost didn't want to eat it after he found it had ticks. I told him that all animals have parasites--yes even people. Some just have more than others. And it was a good opportunity to teach my little brother an anatomy lesson.

    I hate reality shows, but I did hear the host from Survivor teamed up with Gerber to design a pretty awesome survival knife.

    And please excuse my white socks; I couldn't find my other black pair.