Thursday, May 14, 2009

Blessings counted

Today, I made a toy bag for some animals I bought on clearance at Freddies.
They are made by Schleich, a German company.
In China.
The toys are good quality and were still fairly expensive, even on clearance.
I decided I would send them to my new grandson.
I opened the cardboard package.....
...and found this!

Every little paw was securely fastened to the base of the box with multiple ties and further fortified with plastic doodads.
I've heard that it done is to prevent theft, but this was ridiculous!
So, I painstakingly unraveled every tie, silently cursing the gods of toy packaging as my fingers struggled to do the job.
Only to find that every animal had the ties wrapped even more securely still around each paw.

It took me over fifteen minutes to free the animals from their bondage.

A few minutes into the task, I started to think about the person who spent all day putting the ties on the animals.
Some little person in China who did this for a living.
And about how little I had of which to complain.

I have never liked that poem about the guy who complained about sore feet until he saw a man with no feet.
It seemed disrespectful to the man with no feet.
I mean, who is HE supposed to look at in order to feel gratitude?
It seems a superficial way to encourage a grateful heart, comparing oneself to another who is less blessed.
But today, I thought about how blessed I am, in spite of the crap!

I have a house that is comfortable, cosy, and paid for.
My kids are all finding their way in the world, in a relatively sane manner.
Jeff has a good job, even if it is stressful.
I love my work and I don't have to do it if I don't want to.
The sun is shining and yesterday it rained.
We are debt-free.
My vegetable garden is finished and thriving.
I have friends that care about me.
My Mum is healthy enough to visit and she weeds and cleans!
My grandkids live close by, for now.
My car runs.
Even if it doesn't, I have enough money to fix it.
And an honest mechanic.
My freezer and pantry (and Jeff's closet and the spare room) are full of food.
I live in America, which is, for the time being, still a free country.
I have the church and gospel principles to guide me and comfort me when I do have troubles.
I have my trusty bike to ride around town when the weather is delightful and the mood strikes.
My garden is full of flowers.
I can almost keep up with my walking friends on the hills.
And every week I get a little better at it.

Shall I go on?


You go make your own list.

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