Friday, May 29, 2009

Random thoughts from the past week

We (Mum, Jeff, and I) went to a Memorial Day service at Gibbs Cemetery.
It sits in a quiet spot on Chehalem Mountain and is peaceful and serene.
Just like I want to be when I'm dead.
So yesterday I called to find out the price of plots.
For only $500, I can buy my semi-final resting place.
As soon as my CD matures next week, I'm going to hand over $1,000 to the cemetery guardians.
Jeff and me, together forever!
Whether he likes it or not.

It's a bargain at twice the price, don't you agree?
As a girl who has very strong opinions on what happens to me after I expire, this gives me great peace of mind.
I won't get into my views on embalming and coffins and all of the other strange traditions of Western culture.
You can thank me for that, if you like!

I wonder why Bethany's two youngest are such despots of destruction, experts of entropy, masters of mayhem.
I love alliteration!
But seriously, Josh and Natalie spend their entire lives getting into mischief.
I don't know how Bethany survives the day sometimes.
When her Facebook entry of the day reads, "I feel battered," you know there have been some dire goings-on in the Mitchell household.
Tonight she gets to go on a date with Dad.
Star Trek and Wolverine at the local drive-in.
That's me, feeling slightly put out.
But only slightly.
She REALLY needs a break from being Mom.

I've been very active this week, walking ferociously, riding my bike hither and yon, yoga class, working hard in my garden.
My curvaceous bod ought to be feeling somewhat diminished.
But it's not.
Maybe it has something to do with this very small bowl of Dreyers Slow Churned Rich and Creamy Limited Edition Drumstick Icecream that I'm eating as I write.
Ya think?

Annie had a garage sale today, getting ready to run away with her handsome soldier.
She's dumping the detritus of her single life.
Oops, more alliteration.
Can't help myself!
It was kind of cute to see the saleswoman in her.
I see why she gets the good sales jobs.
"Oh, that looks good on you, so much better than it looked on me!"
And she really means it.

Jon and Jenny and the boys leave for Peru on Monday.
Jenny is so excited, I've noticed that her Facebook entries are just a tad over-the-top!
I remember how I felt the first time I went back to New Zealand.
It had been about ten years and felt like forever.

Charlie is being ordained an Elder next weekend.
Jeff is flying down for the occasion.
I wish we could be around the "new and improved" Charlie more often.
We hope he makes it home for Annie's wedding.

Speaking of wedding, there's still lots to do on that front.
We have a photographer now.
I'm working on cake ideas.
Brilliant recipe for whipped cream frosting, anyone?

Jeff and I are escaping to the beach for July 4th weekend.
One week after The Wedding.
A lovely retreat to our favourite Rose Briar Inn, which puts on a killer breakfast.
A wee walk up the mountain to the Astoria Column.
Another walk all the way down the waterfront to the Red Lion Inn.
Suddenly, I don't care how much it costs.

Hope you have some things to look forward to.

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