Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Jeff's kisses

No, not that one.
He's out of town on the East Coast somewhere.

Little Jeff.

His birthday party was on Sunday.
Jenny is a real party girl.
The theme was Sesame Street, complete with Cookie Monster cake

and Sponge Bob pinata.

Sponge Bob, you say?
Yes, well, Jenny dumpster dove at the local elementary school and came up with three damaged SBob pinatas. A little repair work later and, viola, one serviceable pinata.
My kind of girl.
Except the body was a cardboard box and took FOREVER to break.

Anyway, kisses from little Jeff are always multidimensional.
Think, slobbery lips and runny nose.
He gives them obediently when directed by his Mama.
Here are a few of us sharing the love.
And the germs.

After seeing this photo, I've decided it's time for a haircut.
Or something.

A good time was had by all.

Some more than others.

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