Friday, April 2, 2010

Just keeping track....

Here we were a year ago.
And here we are now.

Better camera, better piano, same darling girl.


  1. Thanks for your kind words about quilting! I really love it! Using the 1/4 inch quilting foot has made all the difference, I would definately recommend you get one. I like the shoo-fly pattern, it is very classic. Post a picture when you are done!

  2. Just wish we were could give my granddaughter piano lessons...something about the familiarity of my voice makes it less attractive!!

  3. Tell her that almost without exception, adults who successfully resisted taking or continuing piano lessons when young because they weren't fun are now really, really, really, really sorry.
    And learning and making music makes you smarter, in just about every way from math to general creativity. So rejecting music is choosing to be stupider.
    :D ;)

  4. Supplementary note:
    C-Rap and most pop/rock are not actually music, any more than rhythmic grunting is singing.