Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Tail of Woe

This morning, a sad face was surveying the back garden from behind bars.

He/she would appear to be a juvenile, so I'm sure the tale is not complete.

But this one is on his/her way up the mountain in the boot of Jeff's car, to be introduced to a new and more liberated way of life. Namely, not in our woodshed.
Neighbour Jim said he caught one a while ago and disposed of it with a baseball bat.
I drew the line at possum carnage.
You'll be glad to know.


  1. Yeesh! They really are not the cutest of animals. Glad you got one.

  2. You should tag each catch somehow so that if the same one comes back then you can consider the bat. jk
    That thing is so ugly it's almost cute!

  3. It's nice you were able to transplant him. One of our friends had one eating killing her chickens in the backyard. When she talked to the city of Eugene about getting rid of it for him or taking it to the woods outside of town, they told him he wasn't allowed to do it. Apparently city possums have diseases that country ones don't have so you aren't allowed to intermingle them. They had to have it killed instead. She was very sad about it.

  4. He was a straggly looking little beast, wasn't he? Jeff took him up to Magness Tree Farm, so I hope he doesn't infect all their possums with any deadly diseases.

  5. Not for nothing but possum pasta (extra parmesan) is quite succulent, and we know you have a plethora of pasta. Just saying. If you need the recipe, just rattle my cage. *smug*

  6. They're pretty cute when little - we have one hanging out around our pond. They actually look cuddly when still young. Not the ugly critters they become as adults. Oh, & I hear possum pie is good.