Saturday, March 10, 2012

My life in five panels or less

The cold has taken hold with a vengeance. This week has consisted of daily struggles to pull my body out of bed and take care of business. Some days I succeeded better than others.
Yesterday morning, I croaking my way through an hour of preschool music groups with the enthusiastic help of my practicum student. After running various and sundry errands, I popped into Grocery Outlet and found a felicitous find.
Cadbury's Crunchie bars.
Three for a dollar.
I snatched up a dozen or so and enjoyed one as soon as I got home.
Then I noticed that they were made in England, which it totally ridiculous because how could you expect to find such scrum-diddly-umptiously authentic English Cadbury chocolate for 33.3334 cents a piece? I don't think that puny price even covers what it costs to make them.

Which explains why, after lying in bed for a couple of hours this morning, feeling like death warmed over, thinking about those Crunchie bars and wondering why I didn't just buy the whole bloomin' lot, I dragged myself out of my sick bed and directly to Grocery Outlet.
Which would explain this box of Crunchie bars sitting on my unsanitized kitchen counter.

When I got home, I started catching up on my perusal of the week's newspapers. Monday's paper was full of comic strips that related so closely to my life that I had to share. 

First, the weather of late.

The state of my health...

...and subsequent plans for revenge.

My motivation today.

My shopping habit.

And a couple that just spoke to me.

Happy weekend everyone. 
And now, back to bed.
Book three of The Hunger Games is awaiting my snifflycroakysneezy self..


  1. Sorry you've felt so yucky! After over a month of staying healthy with sick people round me, I seem to have finally succumbed and am feeling rather bad myself today. I'll be interested to hear what you think of Mockingjay.

  2. Sorry you have the bug! I did enjoy your comic strips though. The weather one fits my world quite well.
    I'm just starting book 2 of the Hunger Games. I enjoyed the first one.

  3. Thanks for the comics! Good luck with the bug. ...I might have to give Hunger Games a try. It's all I'm hearing about these days!

  4. Hope you are feeling better this week. How was the final book? Did you like it? I liked the series although I just finished up the Maze Runner trilogy and I think I liked that series better. Only because all three books were really good and I didn't care for some of the Hunger Game series.

    1. I liked the books, although I'm okay with dark things. I think the ending was true to the general mood of the books. I wasn't exactly expecting it to be "happily ever after". It made me think of how war affects people long-term, both the soldiers and the victims.
      I'll have to try Maze Runner, I'm in the market for some new reading material.

  5. thanks. this made me smile :)

  6. We don't take the paper and consequently I haven't read the funnies in years. Thanks for that. Sorry I missed a chance to tell you to Get Well Soon when you were actually sick. Hope you're feeling all better now.

    1. No worries, I'm still sick enough to qualify for a Get Well wish. This is the same long-winded cold that I had back in December and January. It came back.