Saturday, December 5, 2009

'Tis the season... be sociable, fala-lala-laaah, la-la-la-la.

So, since my whiny little blog post of a few weeks ago, there have been some lovely social developments.
First, my friend Lisa, who totally got it, instigated a Lunch. I truly believe that menopausal women appreciate the significance of Lunch better than any other demographic in the world. When someone actually INVITES you to lunch, as opposed to saying, "We must do Lunch sometime," it means they REALLY want to spend time with you. Doing two of the favourite things of menopausal women everywhere. Eating. And Talking.
So on Monday, after a few false starts, we met in Portland for a party. Our daughters were there, and Bayra, Lisa's daughter-in-law, and our old friend June. There should be a better way to say that. Long-standing friend? Perennial friend? Venerable friend? Antediluvian friend? I dunno, the thesaurus kind of fails me on this one. We ended up at Jake's Grill, after finding the great big wooden doors of the Western Culinary Institute's restaurant closed firmly against our pleas. Jake's was a good default. Fairly good food, reasonable prices, and a cosy booth in the bar. We insisted on a booth in deference to the other customers. Noisy women! Exceptional desserts, which is the most important thing, don't you agree?
So we spent two delightful hours catching up with each other's lives and could have spent longer, but duty called. So the pregnancy-and-childbirth side of the table and the menopausal side of the table hugged, said goodbye, and went our separate ways. I hope we do it again soon. Too bad I forgot my camera.

On Thursday, our Relief Society group has its annual soup dinner at Sleighbells, the ultimate Christmas store. It was fun, but the reason I am telling you this is to give me an excuse to post this photo of my dessert plate. Pumpkin roll, one of my favourite Thanksgiving treats.

I spent another delightful afternoon last Saturday with Bethany (Associate Event Planner) and her friends. We ate a potluck lunch and watched Twilight, the movie. We were a little tough on the movie, although it kind of screams out for criticism in many instances. For example, Edward's glittery skin. Um, not appealing at all. Crusty lizard skin, more like. In the book it sounded so, delicious, somehow. Anyway, I digress. After that treat, we drove over to the local theatre and watched "New Moon," which was infinitely better. Although, have you noticed how Bella NEVER smiles. I'm sure she was happier in the book.
I have to ask.
Or Edward?


  1. Well, I haven't seen New Moon yet, but I agree Twilight gave plenty to laugh and roll eyes at. I did just finish reading New Moon, though, and I have to say Jacob, Jacob, Jacob, a million times Jacob. Real friendship and affection vs obsession and danger, happy and friendly vs sulky and moody, warm and human vs ice cold and marble, etc. etc.