Thursday, August 19, 2010

Let me be brief....

Monday, the day after Mum left, I was kind of hoping for a quiet day.
Instead, we had the underwear wars.
Children chasing each other, screaming through the hallways and slamming doors...

...and running away from the camera-bearing-Nana.

Thomy was too modest to remove his t-shirt and Kenzie was above it all.

Don't ask me Why?
It just was.


  1. Hahahahahaha!!!!!!! They all have such skinny little legs!!!!!

  2. That poor little guy running in his superhero underwear ... you've scarred him for life! MUUUHAHAHA

  3. Wait ... how many children are there running around in their skivvies? I count one girl and three boys but then there are two on the piano bench that you said remained aloof and I can't figure out where all those kids came from!

    Sheesh I think I need a break.

  4. The boys in the bottom two photos belong to Jon. Yes, six of them! Thomy was running around too, but with a t-shirt. Poor Kenzie is generally above most of the ruckus.

  5. Don't you wonder who came up with the idea of putting superheroes on little bottoms?

  6. Wasn't it Batman? *chucklesnort*