Thursday, August 5, 2010

Would you like that gift-wrapped, madam?

Have I told you about my new gift strategy for my grandchildren?
My lovely, adorable grandchildren, who own so much stuff I can hardly comprehend it.
Papa and I give them classes for Christmas and birthdays.
So far, I think it has had positive repercussions.
Come with me and take a look.

Kenzie got a month of horse riding lessons for Christmas. She enjoyed it so much that Mom and Dad have sprung for a few more lessons. I really like how it has broadened Kenzie's horizons; every lesson she comes back with news of progress. Most exciting to me is that she is no longer afraid of everything, as you saw at the stables a few days ago.
Click on the photo to get a closer look at the cute blue boots she is wearing. 
Nine years old and she already fits her Nana's boots.
Little Jeff received a month of tumbling classes for his birthday in May. Thomy really liked the look of them, so now both boys are in the class. I hear Jeff is still a bit bashful, but Thomy is in his element.

Daniel is finally enjoying his swimming lessons that he got for Christmas. 
The boy is a fish. 
His energy is boundless.

Thomy is on his second set of art classes, this time for his birthday. The original studio closed, so I had to find another one that was not too obnoxiously far away.
After we went to the Rose Gardens a couple of weeks ago, I took Thomy for his first Friday open studio. Kenzie tagged along.
It was Monster Day, a la Maurice Sendak.
First, they made their own pet monsters out of wood and paint.

Thomy also drew and painted his own monster, which was then modge-podged and mounted.
We were at the studio for over two hours and had a terrific time.

Thomy and I have a date in August for another open studio Friday. 
This time it will be Pirate Day.

Hey Jenny, maybe you should tag along!


  1. What a great idea for a gift! It's the gift that keeps on giving!

  2. PIRATE DAY? I'm in I'm in I'm in I'm innnnnnnn!

    Seriously, this is an absolutely excellent idea and one I'm going to totally STEAL. Melanie is 5.5 now and when she turns six this December, the kid's getting a lesson of some kind. I can't wait to pick it out. Will it be ceramics? Cooking? Base jumping? Ant farm .... farming? Stay tuned to find out.

    Kids need activities that widen their horizons while giving them outlets for both physical and creative energy. So this is perfect.

    Now, how do I get in on Pirate DAY?

  3. BAAAAHAHAHA I was so excited upon seeing the words Pirate Day, it wasn't until after I posted my comment that I noticed your invitation for me to tag along! And my linky name in blue! Thanks Sue! If for some reason I find myself in Oregon within the next few weeks (not likely), I'll consider it. Johnny's in Hawaii making POTC4 ... perhaps I can induce him to join us 'cause, ya know, we're like this. *two fingers touching*

  4. That's a great idea! I am always having a hard time figuring out things for the grandparents to get the kids. They have way more than they need or even play with. I shall have to steal this idea for future birthday's and Christmas's. Thanks for sharing!