Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday morning madness

This post is not about grandchildren.
Well, indirectly, because without them I would have no excuse for this morning's activities.

I spent almost three decades without feeling the urge to attend garage sales. The last couple of years I have discovered that good neighbourhoods have terrific garage sales. I guess our town just needed a few good neighbourhoods. One of them has an annual garage sale. Every year! My friend and partner-in-crime, Barb, and I have become regular attendees. Every year, without fail, we clean up on bargains. 
A couple of weeks ago on a Friday, while out for our morning walk, we scored unexpectedly. We got two boys' bikes for $2 each. She got the small one with training wheels and I got the bigger one for Daniel. Well, that set the bar pretty high for our expectations this morning. We started walking early, up the hill behind the golf course, and then we toodled down to The Oaks. 

Today, Barb ruled. She bought a Pak'n'Play so that she doesn't have to borrow mine any more. She got four nice kitchen chairs, a jogging stroller, and some other goodies for the grandkids. And, I might add, she paid less than asking price for everything.

My haul pales in comparison, but I didn't spend as much either!
First, this lovely little footstool, which is going to be handy for many purposes, I think.
Cha-ching! $3.

Bethany asked me to keep an eye out for a bike for Natalie.
Cha-ching. $10.
Not such a bargain, but I talked them down from $12.
I have been looking for another scooter for my house, because the kids fight over the two we have.
Cha-ching. $2.
Or was it three?

A little bird feeder thingie, which we don't really need but it was only $1.

Puzzles, like new, for 50-75c each.
Can't have too many puzzles.

I think these DVD's are new, for $2 each.
For Annie's kids.
Books, for Annie's lot, about 50c each.
I've been looking at my favourite shoe website ever since I got home and just ordered Jeff and me a pair of cowboy boots each.
For a total of $360.
Cha-ching, cha-ching, cha-ching!
Go figure.


  1. I want a pack n play and jogging stroller!!! Too bad they're too big to bring with you if you found them for cheap.

  2. Are you aware that your license plate is in the pic with the bike? Probably not something you want posted on a public blog. The bike looks brand new! Yay! We were looking at $40-$50 for a new one.

  3. How's that for a cool fix? It's Piknik. Think I'll do a post on its possibilities.

  4. Love those Thomas the Tank Engine DVDs and books!

    You done good, Hobbit.

  5. Yeah, that's MY neighborhood, and they ALWAYS have the annual garage sales when I'm out of town.

  6. I love a good garage sale. You found some great bargains. Are you going to post a picture of your new boots when they arrive?

  7. Nicole, you KNOW I will! It will be a blog post of its very own.