Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A little sadness in the air

I am sad to report that Bethany is no longer pregnant. We went to get an ultrasound last week and the doctor announced, rather off-handedly and with no preliminary, that there was no baby. I could have strangled him and, in retrospect, I probably should have. He wasn't sure what happened, but the baby did not develop. 

So, for the last week, Bethany has been dealing with the physical and emotional fallout from that abrupt pronouncement. She called me this morning and said Mom, I need you to come out here. It is unlike her to be demanding, so I made some calls to reschedule my appointments and off I went.

Hoo-ee, those four little darlings can wreck a house in no time at all when Mommy's feeling under the weather. I rampaged around, putting kids to work and doing laundry and feeding everybody. 

The weather outside was....delightful!

After setting the house (downstairs at least) to rights, making sure Bethany was going to survive the day, upsetting Natalie enough that she took a nap, and putting Chris to folding mounds of laundry, I headed for home. 
I brought Kenzie and Daniel with me.
They lost no time in ferreting around to see if there was anything worth mooching.
Kenzie walked out of the sewing room with a nice little journal that I've been saving for a random gift. She wanted to know where I got it. 
From the store, I answered.
Later, I found this on my bedroom door.
What a con artist that girl has become!
So then, of course, Daniel wanted one too.
Why, I have no idea!
I told him I didn't think I had another one.

Which just goes to show how much I know!


  1. I am so sorry. That Dr needs to take a few more courses on dealing with people.

  2. Bethany and I are both blessed to have our moms around.

  3. Sorry to hear that Susan.. All the best to you and family..

  4. Sue, so sorry to hear about Bethany. Smack that MD hard for me! Your previous post with the Nativity makes me jealous of your set. Mine aren't quite so neat looking. Hope you all have a joyous holiday season and that your wedding goes off without a hitch and that maybe we will get to see each other sometime again soon...if I can convince Wade to drive that way! Love you and yours!

  5. I loathe doctors who have no compassion. His words and the way he said them will stay with your Bethany for a long time. God bless her. But what else can we expect from a society that every year regards human life a little more cheaply? It's to be expected in some quarters but that doesn't lessen the pain. I'm so glad you were able to be at her side quickly and take the situation in hand as only a grandma can. B is young and she'll bounce back and everything will be fine, and we all know that, but still it's difficult to deal with heartache at Christmastime. I'm praying that the upcoming travel plans and the lovely wedding will be just the thing to put the roses back in Bethany's cheeks and restore her energy. Merry Christmas to you all! Consider yourself hugged and kissed!

  6. BTW as to Kenzie and Daniel, woman, encourage those future writers! It often starts with journaling!

  7. Deb, the animals are Schleich (?) that I bought from Fred Meyer, 50% off. I thought it would be cute to have an animal nativity for a change. Little Jesus is one from a set that I bought for the kids to play with. He was not as kid-proof as I thought he would be!
    Jenny, hugs and kisses back. Kenzie writes up a storm, has done ever since she learned to write and maybe a bit before. Her notes are always amusing, although I'm not sure she means them to be.
    Everyone, thanks for the kind thoughts.